Ceramic Plus

5 Year Waranty

FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology.
FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC PLUS combines our ultra durable ceramic technology, with our self healing technology.
The Ceramic portion of this product has been modified to maintain a high level of flexibility by using shorter chain ceramic co-polymers, this allows the self-healing portion to function, albeit to a lessen extent than that of the full SELF HEAL PLUS. It also incorporates smart nano-particles that increase the perceived hardness. The nano-particles operate as a dry lubricant, deflecting and reducing scratch or mar intensity. If micro marring does occur, the coating will recover by up to 40%, making these marks less significant and almost invisible on lighter colored paints.
CERAMIC PLUS contains some of the same chemistry found in FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC, and has similar physical properties such as; excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and great water behavior (hydrophobicity)
Service Includes: Wash, Claybar Cleaning, Polish, & Ceramic lite Coating on all exterior Painted surfaces and face of rims
*Used Vehicles may require scratch removal (paint correction) Prior to coating at extra cost.
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